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Download I-765 Form: Today we’re going to be filling out form I 765 together. Which is the application for employment authorization. The card expiration date for this form is july 31st 2022. Keep in mind that if you’re submitting this form together with your adjustment of status application there is no fee for this form and also submitting this application is completely optional.

You totally don’t have to if you’re not planning to work while waiting for your green card so let’s get started again. You will be starting here please type or use a black ink pen any areas that you are not able to fill out in uh this format right here.

Download I-765 Form Free

While typing you can always fill them out in the black ink pen. Later after you print this document.

I-765 Form Sample

Reason for applying so here you will select whether or not you are applying for initial permission to accept employment replacement or renewal so a couple of notes here is you will be selecting initial permission to accept employment for any kind of employment authorization under a new visa category.

So for example if you had an employment authorization on your opt for example and now you are applying for employment authorization uh through your adjustment of status application. You will still be selecting initial permission to accept employment. And um if you for example have been waiting for your green card for a while and you have applied for this before and your employment authorization did expire and your green card is still not here.

You will obviously be submitting this option 1c. Because you will be renewing your permission and you will have to attach a copy of your previous employment authorization document.

Form NameApplication For Employment Authorization
Form I-765 Form PDF
Type of FormPDF
Size of PDF492kb
Pages Total 7 Pages

I-765 Form Pdf – Required Documents

  • Passport-style photograph [photos must be taken within the last 30 days and cannot have been previously used for a passport, visa, or other us government-related application. See department of state guidelines.
  • Form I-94: provide a copy of your most recent I-94, download your electronic I-94 from the cbp website.
  • One of the following: previously issued employment authorization document (ead) (front and back scans) or government-issued id if you have never been issued an ead.
    • If you were not previously issued an ead, you must upload a copy of a government-issued identity document (such as a passport) that shows your photo, name, and date of birth; a birth certificate with photo identification; a visa issued by a foreign consulate; o dni with photo and/or fingerprint. The photocopy of the identity document must clearly show your facial features and contain your biographical information.
  • I-20 recommending opt: make sure you have signed and dated page 1.
    • This is the opt-recommended I-20 you recently received from stony brook.
    • For students applying for pre- or post-completion opt, this I-20 must be uploaded and their completed I-765 application must be submitted to uscis within 30 days from the date the I-20 was issued.
  • Copies of all previously issued forms I-20 (no more than 6 mb per file)
  • For students applying for pre-completion or post-completion opt who have previously had curriculum practical training (cpt) or opt, you must include evidence documenting your prior cpt and/or opt authorization. This could include an ead previously issued to opt or an I-20 that includes the cpt or opt authorization.

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